Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The CT on dad's brain was normal. Praises and exaltation to our Lord Jesus!

I drove to Vanderbilt yesterday afternoon after spending a teary morning in my office worrying about Dad. My boss came in around 1:00 PM, heard what was going on and said come on Velda, we are leaving, me to lunch and you to the hospital to be with your Mom and Dad. He has been very good about my time off and I appreciate it very much. I was about 45 minutes into my trip and I got covered with absolute peace. I knew I was going to hear positive news and I was not disappointed. They are still worried about his lack of responses, but it may just take time. There is a new worry every day with Dad.

I was able to take Mom to her home last night and stayed the night with her. Mary stayed at hospital and Tim is bringing Mom back to hospital this afternoon. She needed a break. Hoping Mary will go home tonight and allow and trust Tim to take over as "watch dog and protector" of both Mom and Dad. She needs a break too. We are all taking our times and have a tentative schedule to take turns ...

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