Friday, September 11, 2009

~ A weekend get-a-way ~

Guess where ....

Gary and I did a quick get-a-way over Labor Day weekend to the beach. We got there Friday evening and stayed through Wednesday. It was very relaxing and a nice break. We actually had planned a whole week vacation there, but I didn't want to be gone that long with Dad's condition still uncertain. He has been doing so well. His energy level is up and we've been so hopeful that the Huntsville doctor's prognosis about Dad would be proven wrong when he went to Vanderbilt.
He went this week and while his heart has regained it's strength, the doctors actually said he has a very strong heart - I am claiming that as God's healing! - his aortic valve is still leaking very badly, not just around it but in it. But unlike what he heard in Huntsville, Vanderbilt surgeon (Dr. Burns) says he feels because Dad's heart is so strong that he can undergo another open heart surgery, so it is scheduled for October 2. Still risks involved, but without the surgery, Dad's health will begin to decline and he may not live long. Prayers are very much appreciated and welcomed.
We came home from the beach and our very old cat had died in her sleep. I hate that she died by herself, but it was her time. Rest in Peace Sheeba. You were a good cat.

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Going Goofy said...

Velda, I'm so glad to hear the encouraging news about your dad. I am sorry to hear about your cat. I left you a message this morning on your cell.
Hugs, Sherry