Tuesday, September 29, 2009


They are going to do a CT scan on Dad today on his brain. They are checking for brain activity.
They have had to put him on another sedative because he is moving his head back and forth a lot and they are afraid this will dislodge his air tube. They just want him to be calmer than what he has been.
They put in a second feeding tube, but it had to come out and they are now going to feed him through an IV, but will try the feeding tube again later.

Mary and Mom have been talking to Dad and they both feel that they have gotten responses from Dad, but his team of doctors want to see more response than what they have.

This is what they are most concerned about now - his brain activity.

I don’t know how to pray any harder than I have.


mkg said...

Still praying!

Laurie said...

Pray without ceasing. Thank God for intercessory prayer! You know to that tears are liquid prayers! I'm still praying for you and your family!