Monday, September 28, 2009

~ Update on Dad ~

They put a feeding tube in last night, but had to remove it because it was crimped; they will redo it later today; they are still trying to wean off more medicine; he is off sedation and are trying to get him to come around to consciousness; and respond to them (i.e., squeeze fingers, etc.) He is at high risk for infection; and they are worried about possible brain damage due to low oxygen for a while during surgery and heart attack. We are trusting in God as always on all of this as we have from the beginning. He (God) has been wowing Dad's medical team in these last few days because there was a point, when they bluntly told us, they had done all they could do and it was in God's hands now. But as I have said previously, that's where he's always been. Praise God. He is still in CICU and may be for several more days, still critical, but improving. His medical team has been amazing, informative and has made me appreciate them and Vanderbilt even more.

My sister and Mom are at the hospital alone now. I am at work. I plan to go back one day this week and then back to stay Friday through Sunday, unless something takes me back sooner. My brother is going to stay with Mom on Thurs and Friday, as Mary needs to work. We are all doing well, exhausted but good. Mom has been amazing, she has broke down a few times, but that is expected. She has been sleeping in Dad's room (they have a chair that lets out into a full flat bed which she says is fairly comfy) she says she has been sleeping well, but Mary is going to try to get her out for at least one night soon. We are trying to get a room at hospitality house, hopefully that will happen today or tomorrow.

Thank you all for your prayers. If you are continuing to pray, the doctor are most worred about his risk of infection and the possibility of brain damage.

Hope you are yours are all doing well too. I love you guys.


T. Smith said...

We love you and are lifting all of you up in our prayers. Our church is praying for Jim and the family too.

Laurie said...

Thoughts are prayers are with you and your family!