Saturday, September 12, 2009

~ Wicked ~

I went to see Wicked last night in Nashville with two friends and it was great! Its the story of the witches of Oz, Glinda (or Galinda as she was first known) and the wicked witch of the East and the wicked witch of the West (Elphaba). Mostly it about about Glinda and Elphaba. You see them as children and on up .. Dorothy's presence is made known ... but she doesn 't actually make an appearance. It was a very good play. We went to Carrabbas to eat before the play and I can definitely recommend the talapia yummm! I have never really cared for anything I had there before, but last night's fish was awesome!
We had parked about 4 blocks away and as we left theater, the skies opened up and dumped buckets of water directly over our heads. I have never been so drenched while fully clothed! We stopped at Walmart and I bought some PJ pants to wear home. At least I was ready for bed when I got home at 2 AM ....

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