Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sips n' Strokes

Me and several of my friends went to a place called "Sips 'n Strokes" in B'ham on Saturday to take an art class. IT WAS working with golf leaf, wax and arcylics and it looked like a fun painting to do. The top image is THEIR painting ... my painting is ...

It is supposed to be an abstract called "lady in red" - It kind of looks like I got mad at the painting and just blobbed paint all over it ... I am not real crazy about it, but the techniques used in the class were interesting to learn about. I would not, however, ever recommend the Hwy 280 Sips N Strokes. The instructers (the two main ones anyway) seemed to be at odds with each other which made the class kinds of stressful. One instructor poured wax all over one of my friend's painting too early - she had two other processes to go through first ... then another instructor squirted out a big blob of black puff paint on another of my friend's FINISHED PAINTING and then would not even let her see it, immediately took it to the back room and said she would just paint her another one herself ... not really the reason you go to a painting class ... anyway, she wound up getting her painting back - we had to demand it ... and they gave her the one the instructor did too, but wound up having to stay about an hour longer than was scheduled ... so NO I would not recommend the Hwy 280 store, but I would like to go to another one (they have 5 stores) and maybe try one of their other classes. They have fun looking paintings and I always enjoy taking art classes. It was a fun girl's outing - we went to The Summit and ate lunch at California Pizza - yum!

Here are photos of my friends at different points in the painting process = I didn't get photos of their finished paintings - I can't believe I did that!

Bridget - who is actually an art major and a great artist already (I learned this about her that day).

Ann, one of my oldest friends - from high school. She got the hot wax poured on her painting too early.

Stephanie, she got the big black blob of paint ...

Laurie, Ann's daughter-in-law.

The web site for this place is

It was a fun day.

Til later, V


Shawna said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I like your painting...great job!!

Going Goofy said...

That looks like something I would like to do!How fun!