Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dentist - Yuck!

I despise going to the dentist. I am thankful for them and glad there are people out there blessed with the skills and knowledge in the medicine of dentistry. BUT I still dread going to the dentist. I chock that up to a horribly bad childhood experience in my first memory of dental visits ... to make a long story short ... first filling, wasn't numbed properly, dentist did not believe me, called me a baby and to grow up ... and continued his painful work ... he left me crying in his dental chair with his hateful words. I was to learn later that he was SADLY going through his own personal problems with depression and other stuff and ended his own life just a few short weeks after my memorable visit in his chair. My fear and dread was already grounded in me though by then.

I had my 2nd post surgery dental visit for my crown replacement today - only one more to go! My husband gave me a Microsoft Zune for Christmas last year, which I have loaded with tons of wonderful music. I took it with me today and CeCe Winans crooned to me I Surrender All, His Strength is Perfect,Blessed Assurance and more, while my dentist - who I actually really really like - did his grinding and drilling thing in my mouth - it actually made my visit soo much easier and it seemed to go by a whole lot faster too. So, thanks G for making my dental visit better, oh and thanks CeCe for the great music too!

Til later, V

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Going Goofy said...

I am like you about the dentist, horrible childhood memories. You are right about the music it does make the visit's tolerable!!