Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kudos to my Husband

My husband and I are going away for the weekend and I am looking forward to being alone with him. It's just camping again, but this time, it's just me and him. No friends and no kids. Not that those times aren't totally enjoyable too. You would think we would get enough of being alone with each other; our kids don't live with us, it's just me and him, except for every other weekend when his sons come to stay with us. My kids are married and live in Louisiana and Texas. But it seems like we are busy during the week and we just kind of co-exist sometimes. When we go away together, away from home, away from dogs, away from house chores, yard chores. etc., we talk more and we enjoy each other more. It is refreshing to our relationship and I am looking forward to it.

My husband is a pleaser and a doer and is a true Boy Scout in that he is always prepared for any type of emergency or "bump in the road". He makes me feel totally safe, protected and loved, and when we go away together for a weekend or travel of any kind, he "shines", if you know what I mean. I hope he sees something equally positive in me ... although, I have been on edge alot here lately, irritable and moody, I am on the last week of my post-surgery medication and I can't wait to throw that pill bottle in the trash. 6 weeks of steroids (prednisone)! I think I've gained 4 lbs!!! And I truly can't afford to gain any weight - I am trying to go in the opposite direction! My husband told me last night my attitude was horrible, and he is right, I have "horrible" seeping out of my pores it seems like. I am totally blaming it on the drugs! Poor G, and as they say in the south, Bless His Heart!

I truly hope I am not horrible this weekend. I'm gonna try to be good!!

Til later, V

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Shawna said...

V, I completely understand...Aaron and I are the same way; the everyday life seems to take away from the "aloneness" that we actually have. I hope you guys have a wonderful time away!!