Sunday, August 17, 2008

$268,000 cooler!

It was casino weekend at the campground! So, of course we had to play; and, at the end, each couple pools their money and they have a blind auction with your winnings. Gary and I started out with $30,000 each and by the end of the evening, we had won $268,000 - we bid all of our money on the blind auction and won a cooler! And it was the nicest prize for the night! Okay, it's just play money, you pay $3.00 for $30,000 in "their" money and no one goes away empty handed! It was a lot of fun! All of the prizes were camping related.

The only down side for the weekend was that we had decided to leave our camper on an extended stay lot for the next month and when we moved the camper, the only lot they had left was very uneven and we could not get the camper level, when we were cranking the jack up to try to level it, it slid and bent the jack post, so we had to pull it home because now we are probably going to need a new jack ... yuck! Money money money ... if only those casino winnings had been real!

Til later, V

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