Tuesday, October 06, 2009

DAD 10-6-09

Thank you all for your continued prayers for my dad and my family. We all appreciate it very much.

Just wanted to give an update for all who are keeping track of Dad's progress. They are trying to wean Dad off of his ventilator. They turned it down to C-Pap level yesterday for several hours and he did well with that, they will continue working on this weaning until Dad is on oxygen only. His problem with the fluid in his chest is better, breathing treatments are continuing to help.

He will remain on dialysis for now because his kidneys continue to need this help, they may put a port in, but would still be a temporary thing. Today they are going to ultrasound his extremities to rule out any vascular problems there because he has been unable to move his hands, legs, and arms (although he did lift his right arm a little for me one time). They feel fairly certain his inability to move his extremities is due to the extra fluid he is carrying there (he has between 40-50 lbs of fluid on him now - that is a lot to try to lift when you are as weak as he is!).

Dad is still having pain and they are really good about trying to ease his pain. His nurses have all been great, we have even gotten attached to a few of them and they with us.

When I started this blog a year or so ago, it was just for silliness and fun, I never thought I would be using it in such a resourceful way, but there are alot of friends and family we (the family) want to call individually and let know about Dad because we know they want to know and have asked to be updated, and sometimes it is difficult to make these calls, so I am glad this "blog thing" has come into a better use than just the silliness and fun it has been for in the past.

Thank you again for all who are continuing to remember my Dad and my family in your prayers. God is truly an awesome God.

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The May Family said...

We love you and our praying with you! Give Uncle Jim and Aunt Inez lots of love from us. Thanks for keeping the blog posts coming.