Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dad 10-4-09

I am home from the weekend with my Dad and Mom at Vanderbilt Hospital. I went Friday at 3:00 PM and Mary came this afternoon and took my place.

Dad is improving in so many ways, but everyday is a new day and a new problem to worry about. He is conscious and is responding still but no more than with his eyes and his feet. He did move his right arm, but not his hands. He moves his lips and we can't read them. This is so frustrating for all of us. If he could move his hands, he could at least write out what he wants to say. He is still on a ventilator through his tracheotomy - this is not permanent, but it will be there for a while, a least another week, maybe more. His kidneys were working and put putting out a good amount with good color, BUT they were not clearing his toxins, which can cause you to be unresponsive, so they have put him on dialysis. Slow and gentle - also not permanent, not yet. This is to clear out the toxins and bad stuff that he was not doing on his own. Once the dialysis started, his blood platelets dropped, meaning his blood thinned, way to thin, and his wounds started oozing blood, so they are having to figure out how to deal with this without giving him platelets, because that could cause him to clot, which could block the stent they just put in because of the heart attack after his surgery. Does any of this exhaust you yet? It is exhausting and Dad is so tired.

Now, just got a call from Mary. Dad has fluid in his lungs and they have started breathing treatment. I don't know how they do that when he is on a ventilator and a trach. They have told us pneumonia would be fatal to Dad.

I am not sure what all Dad understands about what is going on around him. We all take our turns talking to him and we just want so bad for him to be able to talk back.

This is my Dad, just wanted you all to have a visual of who you were praying for. This my Mom, she has been great, and I know its because of the prayers. Keep em coming, the battle's not over.


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Hi mom - I started to feel very, very sad as I was reading this - I was hoping that he would not decline...I was hoping he'd start getting better. I am praying for him, mom. Tell him I said I love him. I know he can't respond right now - but I want him to know.
I love you, love you, love you!