Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weekend moments

I used to be such a good photographer. I loved it. But, alas I seem to have lost all previous skills and now I just plan ol'stink! Oh well, maybe those skills were like youth and were only a fleeting moment in time for me! The above photos are from this past weekend - ladies conference in Atlanta. We were at Olympic Centennial Park and they have the Olympic Circles in the ground that has water shooting up out of the circles. It was so riveting to watch, reminded me of watching a fireworks show. The water was constantly changing the pattern of it's spouting system.

The past weekend I went with several other ladies from my church to the Women of Faith conference which took place in Atlanta, GA. It was so good. I loved hearing Patsy Clairmont - she was so great; and I could sit and listen to Sandy Patty for forever. She has always been so inspiring to me. There were many good speakers. And I left feeling refreshed in my spirit. I think I talked the ears off of poor MKG!!! Sorry about that!

While we were there, we all got to talking about how we (the women of our church) should plan our own ladies retreat. Perhaps a long weekend toward the end of February, renting a chalet in the Gatlinburg area, so, any of you Church Ladies reading this, keep this in mind ... MKG put the bug in Karen's ear and she said, hmmm, how did she put it ... "I'm on it!" So I have absolute faith that she will get the ball rolling on this idea.

Til later, V

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