Friday, October 03, 2008

Dreams ...

I had a night of dreams ... bad dreams. Woke up at 4 AM and couldn't go back to sleep, prayed for a while, read for a while and finally went back to sleep; only to be awakened about an hour later from another bad dream ... what a yucky night! I don't mind dreaming, and I can handle bad dreams, but I hate those dreams that wake you up and then KEEP you awake.

They were mostly about me being unprepared for situations ... one instance was a home invasion and I couldn't find my gun to protect myself (on my check list is now to know where my gun is ... I kind of know, I just have to find that hiding spot and make sure it is still there - it is certainly not in a convenient spot in case we do experience a home invasion!) - I have had this dream (or dreams similar) too many times; the next instance was that a video deposition had been scheduled at my office, and I had failed to schedule a videographer and a court reporter and there were about 20+ people in my office setting up for this deposition and I had dropped the ball ... which by the way, I do have 3 pending depositions which I have not called the court reporter on - but I have not forgotten about them ... yet!

These kind of dreams, when they keep coming and won't let me rest, always make/force me to take the time to evaluate my life - ME. I know they are not about know where my gun is or scheduling a court reporter, but sometimes I feel like I am being nudged that make sure that I am not taking life too lightly. I need to have a "come to Jesus meeting" with my own self in other words and clean out my dirty closets and drawers - just a saying. I have a tendency to just shove things around rather than dealing with them, which can make for a dirty spiritual house. So, here it is Fall, and I am just now doing Spring cleaning ... maybe I needed to be disturbed in my sleep, I guess that was God's elbow in my rib, so to speak!

Oh well, I don't know if any of this made a lick of sense to anyone but me, but I guess that is part of what blogging is about, saying things that might only make sense to the writer.

Til later, V

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