Monday, October 13, 2008

Dogs & Camping

Sometimes dogs are so intuitive. My husband and I went camping this past weekend. We had decided to take our smallest dog, Peyton, with us this time, since Maggie (our boxer) and she got into a fight last time we left them - leaving us with a very healthy ER vet bill - so we were going to be smart this time and just take her along. Ha! They figured it out they all started fighting among each other before we even finished packing the camper, leaving us too worried to leave either of the two small ones with Maggie, so guess who went camping ... Maggie and here she sits happy as pie to be with us and without her two smaller step sisters (the two minis stayed home and were probably just as happy to be home without her as she was to be with us without them) ...

I think I am starting to humanize my dogs too much!

Til later, V

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Shawna said...

Maggie is beautiful! Going camping with you was probably her plan the whole time.