Sunday, October 26, 2008

A sunday bum ...

So, I have been a bum today. I woke up and just felt exhausted - I couldn't get moving, so I gave myself a day. I haven't done that in a while and my husband let me have a day. He left me alone most of the day, he went to visit a friend and shared some of our excess firewood. I watched a little TV, I played with the dogs, just a little, I took a little nap. G came in around 4:30 PM and wanted to go for a drive, so we drove around Sharps Cove - beautiful! and then around Madison County Lake - awesomely beautiful! I wish I had brought my camera, I would have taken a few photos at the lake. The leaves are dressing up for autumn and the light at 5:15 was absolutely perfect, the trees around lake were all shining in their autumn shades and they were reflected in the lake in just that perfect way - a photo op missed!

I did re-cover my ottoman, a job I have been putting off since Spring (that's when I bought the material). It turned out okay for a first timer at that kind of thing... Now I am wondering if I have enough material to recover the chair also (it has a slip cover on it now - one that ties and tucks ... and tucks ... and tucks ... ) ... Oohhhh Mrs. Gooofffyyy where are you ... this is your forte' any tips to offer about recovering/upholstery ...

Til later, V

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Going Goofy said...

V, I take a day ever now and then myself! I find it quite refreshing! We did miss you this morning.

I do have some slipcover books you can borrow. They really aren't difficult you just pin and sew, pin and sew and try not to curse too much! :)

Post a pic of your ottoman! I want to see it!