Sunday, April 04, 2010

~ For Today ~

Outside my window... I am writing this Sunday evening and there is darkness outside my window; but earlier we enjoyed a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday - very nice.

I am thinking... about my day today; enjoyed a good meal, a nice nap and time with my family.

I am thankful for... family, love, Jesus, a wonderful husband, sweet dogs, and good friends, not necessarily in that order - of course!

From the learning rooms... every day is a learning day, something new all the time and sometimes just relearning old lessons.

From the kitchen... I made the best Parmesan chicken - not the kind with red pasta sauce and noodles; but chicken tenders coated in crushed pecans and shredded Parmesan cheese and browned in olive oil. Very very good.

I am wearing... yoga pants; sleeveless top with a hoodie jacket; I decided my husband has seen enough of me in sloppy oversized pjs for my evening loungewear - so I went out and bought alot of "yoga style" clothing for lounging, so at least if someone comes to the house unexpected, I don't have to run to the bedroom to change, plus these clothes are really comfy.

I am creating... nothing. absolutely nothing. okay, now I feel like I need to go work on a painting or my scrapbook projects - guilt ...

I am going... no where tonight. I am in for the night YAY!

I am reading... too many books started, but I did finally finish one of them today - Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. Cute book - easy read, don't know why I took so long finishing it.

I am hoping... my doc can call me in some different antibiotics as I am currently broke out in a rash from the Bactrin which he prescribed me Thursday.

I am hearing... my dog Maggie snore - she is laying next me.

Around the house... it's almost time for me to go flower and fern shopping ... almost.

One of my favorite things... Sunday afternoon naps.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Monday @ moms, Thursday, I have a hot stone massage scheduled, but I also have an engagement girls outing to go on, one will have to be cancelled.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... my sister's newest family addition - Pepe' - he was Mom's but she decided he was too much work for her, so now he belongs to Mary. He is a toy poodle. Cute huh! He came to visit today; my boxer Maggie, thought Mary had brought her a snack treat!

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