Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Is it spring yet ~

Today was beautiful! I'm still not ready to work in my yard, but I did decide to take a look to see if I could see some true signs of spring ...

Here is what I found ....

My yellow bells are blooming and my jasmine is budding and about the burst into bloom.

My hosta has broken through the dirt and dried dead leaves and shining their twisted and furled stems up toward the sun.

And, I found what I think is a stray tulip which will look really sad all by it's lonesome, but I didn't have the heart to dig it up; if its stubborn enough to find a way to come up out of the dirt where it was, then well, I'll give it at least one season where it lays ... I tried to see if my Lantana was showing any signs of rebirth, not yet, but I have faith, its down under the tangle of dead looking stems, leaves and dirt, not asleep anymore but just rolling around in its cover of dirt and trying to put its pillow over its head, but like an alarm clock, the spring season is coming and its going to have wake up and put on its finery soon, so it may as well quit hitting the snooze button, its time to get up!

Happy Spring y'all, whats blooming or trying to in your yards?

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