Thursday, March 25, 2010

~ Celebrating Dad ~

Today would have been my Dad's 82 birthday and I so badly miss him. When I start getting sad about him not being with us; I have become an expert and pushing the thought from my mind or replacing it with how happy I am that he is with Jesus and not in pain anymore - which I am, but I miss him.

My dad was not a perfect man, he had his faults just like we all do, but he was an awesome Dad to me and someone that I looked up to and respected more than I could even try to put into words. He loved all of us so much and wow did he love my mom. He wasn't a mushy mushy gushy man with his love (although he did have some of that to share with us too), he showed his love in all that he did; he told us too, but he was a man of actions and that is where his love shone for all of us. If he could fix something for us, grow a huge garden to share, or share his knowledge in any way possible - that made him happy. I think that is why getting sick and weak and unable to "do" like he wanted got him down so much. He NEEDED to DO; that was who he was. He gave us a beautiful home to grow up in; but it was his and Mom's love that made it that home, not the brick, wood and mortar; just their love first for God which they showed us in their lives without having to even say it; their love for each other and their love for us kids; that is what made it home for me. I knew no matter where I moved; where my life took me, even when I stumbled in my walk with God and disappointed them; no matter how old I got; and, not even when they moved from the "home" I grew up in to three different houses, home was with them - love was with them. Their door was always open, just like their hearts and arms.

I miss my Dad. I just wanted to share something to honor him today. After all it's his birthday and I want to celebrate with him and since I can't do that, I will just share a little something to celebrate him. Happy Birthday Dad; I love you. I miss you. I know one day we will be sharing another "home" together.

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