Sunday, March 07, 2010

~ Friendly Neighbor ~

I am getting tired of being off from work.

Now, those words just don't sound right. I guess I wish - if I was off work - I was doing something fun and not recuperating from another airway surgery.

I am very thankful that my surgery has gone well; I am thankful for praying friends and family; I am thankful my surgeon was in town; and the list goes on ... Mostly just thank you Jesus for it all. Oh and I am thankful for insurance too - very thankful - YAY insurance! I have taken it for granted in the past, but never again.

I was laying in my hospital bed - not feeling the best in the world - when my "roommate" came over to be friendly and neighborly - we had the same surgeon and we were sharing a "step down" room - not intensive care, but a nurse stayed in our room 24/7 - She wanted to know what kind of surgery I had and about my symptoms, etc., we were exchanging our "war" stories, so to speak. Anyway, she is probably about 34-38 and she has had 71 surgeries related to her airway. I was stunned - 71 airway surgeries - I am still stunned.

This was her second with my surgeon. She currently has a tracheotomy and has to push a button on her throat to talk. She was such a happy upbeat person and I was glad she shared my room.

That's all I got for now ... until later .....

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