Sunday, February 28, 2010

~ From Start to Finish ~

I took my first portrait class; below are my results, it was a 6 week class and I photographed my progress and the end of each class.

This is my Dad. And after working on it for so many weeks, it looks just like my dad; but my mom and sister say it looks more like one of my uncles ... I could never get him to smile and every time I tried, it just didn't work, so I finally gave up. I decided after the class to put him aside and let him be for now, maybe I will pick it up again, at a later time. I want to take a class on eyes and mouths. Then maybe I'll have a go and fixing what I don't like.

I enjoyed the class and I really want to try more portrait work. Maybe if its someone I don't know I will do better. But I am not unhappy with the results.

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Going Goofy said...

I love your portrait. You are talented!