Monday, February 08, 2010

- Stuff Be Gone -

I was cleaning my kitchen Friday night and was becoming frustrated at how much "stuff" I have on my counters ... so, I picked up something and threw it in the trash. It was a gift from a dear friend at least 5 or more years ago - rarely used but I loved it and had wanted it sooooo bad when she surprised me with it - only to quickly realize how un-needed and unuseful it really was, but out of loyalty of our friendship, I have kept it, moved here, moved it there, used it rarely, got little pleasure from it unfortunately; but Friday night, I got absolutely ecstatic with it, when I savored the pleasure it gave me to throw it into my trash can. I got giddy. I started looking for something else to throw away because I didn't want to lose this feeling - happiness, satisfaction, and a little bit of freedom from STUFF!

I managed not to completely fill my trashcan though.

But, I am still on the prowl.

And, I am sure my friend would have been very happy to see how much pleasure I got in throwing her gift in the trash, I did keep it for 5 or more years after all. :)


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Ok that is so funny. I cleaned off my counter but lo and behold stuff has reaccumlated back on. I was just thinking about giving my kitchen spring cleaning.

Brenda said...

Funny. I hate cludder. My rule is if it is not used, worn, or touched in six months it goes in the yard sale, to donate, or thrown out stack.

Gregg said...

I hate throwing things away myself. I just spent the last three weeks going through my files, drawers, desk, and cabinets in my office. I have thrown away, shredded, or otherwise disposed of things from as far back as 1985. But I am down to one large stack of what I think I need having filed the rest. I can't wait to get this stack finished!