Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~ Men Praising God ~

I really like seeing men get happy in church; see them getting happy in the Lord, almost jumping happy, bouncing on the balls of their feet happy; or getting so filled with the feeling that the Holy Spirit is so, just SO that they reach their arms out as if to try to touch the very physical presence of Him as The Spirit soars all around - I don't know if I put that into words as well as I could, but there is just something that touches my heart to see a man get happy in the Lord. My Dad got happy in the Lord, loved to be in the presence of other men and share that happiness with them. I loved that about him. Maybe that is why it touches me to see Gods love shine through other men. I bet it's awesome to be in the midst of a men's Christian conference when they just let loose and really praise the Lord. I've seen glimpses of this in a few of the men in our church. It made me happy.

So, if you ever see me in church with a big goofy smile on my face for no obvious apparent reason, its probably because God has allowed me to glimpse the happiness of Him being showered on someone in my presence. .... Or it could be that I just got my own shower of Love and am still feeling the splashes of It all dance around my feet, who knows.

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