Sunday, May 03, 2009

~ What do you do on a rainy day ~

Okay, since yesterday, I lazed around the house, cleaned, and just took it easy, today I needed to do something. So, after church, G and I cooked a large Sunday lunch of Meat Loaf (he made, he makes this better than I do), Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and cornbread (his son and girlfriend came for lunch), I tried watching TV, but I was stir crazy. So, I got out my paints, and a canvas I had already sketched and started a painting. I did manage to get all of the background color on, now I have to go back add details. I feel good about my effort though for one day. Steph if you are reading this, this is yours, so you can see I have finally started it! I know you think I forgot!

I also made the chocolate cupcakes which are supposed to be lowfat and low cal, but don't really taste it. They are made with a Choc. Devil's food cake mix and a can of pumpkin - thank you Ms. Goofy - and they are pretty good.

they are so thick when you put them in the cupcake pan, they bake up all lumpy and kind of look like they have icing on them. I had one while it was still hot with carb free vanilla ice cream and a little choc. syrup. Yum!!!!

On another subject, I really need this rain to stop soon. Things are getting touchy around here. Tempers flare and depression is sitting on the edge of my periphery just waiting to attack - and thats just the dogs ... just kidding ... maybe just going back to work tomorrow will help. This morning's sermon talked about how we can ruin relationship by reacting and over-reacting - boy can I relate to that right now .... maybe sometimes its just better not to talk. I wonder if Noah and his family had any of these problems ...

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Going Goofy said...

Yum a home cooked meal, dessert and painting too. Sounds very relaxing and recharging. I like the painting.