Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Auction Goods ~

I am an auction going novice. I have only been 3 times to an auction and I think I might could actionally enjoy it more than thrifting and yard selling. G & I went to stay at a friend's lake house at Tim's Ford and Friday night we went into Winchester to an auction house. A rinky dink, some junk some good stuff auction hour. The building is a junky old warehouse type place with piles of junk piled - and I do mean "piled" - in the corners and mostly; and I do mean "junk"! Anyway, this weekend, I was most excited about my ribbon purchase - I got all of this ribbon for $2.50 - it is the big rolls of wired ribbon - YAY! and fun colors and prints too! I also got a really nice walking stick for $3 [you know for all of that hiking I do! :) ]; two baby outfits - new - $2 each; and a really nice and big beach umbrella for $14. There were lots of things I would have bid on but the auctioneer was talking so fast I couldn't understand him when he described the item and we were sitting in the back, so I couldn't see everything good. I can see how people could get hooked!

Anyway, it was fun!

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