Thursday, May 28, 2009

~ Week off ~

I took the week off. My vacation runs May to May, I had 4 days left and we have a use or lose it office policy, so I took my last days this week. It is the first time in ages I have taken vacation days without having "plans" , but this has been nice and it has totally flown by! We actually did have plans to go camping for 4 or 5 days, but our campground got hit by tornadoes and they had loggers in cleaning of the mess. We couldn't find another camp site available since it was a holiday weekend. We did go to the lake (Tims Ford) for a few days (3); then spent a day with a friend, totally fun - then spent a day with G - drove over to our campground to check out the tornado damage - BAD, but still campable and then we did a little thrifting - don't you just love a man who will go thrifting with you; and now tomorrow, I will go spend the morning with my parents and then off to Smith Lake to spend the weekend with several ladies who are all becoming my very good friends. We'll do a little or a lot of scrap booking, a little or a lot soaking up some sun by the pool; enjoying great meals, I hear, and just enjoying the company of being with women for a weekend. Totally looking forward to this.

Gosh my week has flown by; and I thought I would be bored this week!

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Going Goofy said...

Gary goes thrifting with me too. Most Fridays we go to La Trojas in Fayetteville and then to the Goodwill next door!:)

Looking forward to the weekend.