Sunday, September 04, 2011

~ Turkey Sighting ~

For the past few weeks I have been seeing two turkeys on the small grassy patch on the side of Hwy 72 as you are getting to the top of Chapman Mountain (headed East).  Sitting in traffic, or creeping over the mountain in extremely slow traffic, I have had the opportunity to view these birds quite often.   I have imagined them as being mates for life and built up a turkey love story in my head, yes, I am bored on my way to work in the mornings!  So I finally researched the turkey and the mating history, turns out, they do not mate for life, nor even for one season, they are quite the promiscuous little things.  So now I have to think up a whole new story for them ...  a hot torrid tryst until the next one comes along I guess.  They just don't look "hot torrid" they look like an old familiar and relaxed couple out for their morning stroll, and evenings too (I have spotted them around the 5 PM time too), like they probably know each others likes and dislikes, etc.  I've most likely spent way too much time thinking about these little philandering trollops, but it did add interest to my morning drive ...

Til later, V

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