Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ I love the smell of sawdust ~

Its true. I do. I love going into building supply stores like Lowes and Home Depot; and walking through the lumber area and smelling all of that fresh lumber and if someone has had something cut at one of the store saw stations and that fresh smell of sawdust in the air, well, it just brings a smile to my face and a lift in my spirits.

Our building is full of carpenters and constructions workers of all sorts and the hum and buzz of saws and the bangs of hammers have been going on for over a month, and amazingly enough, it has not dampened my appeal for any of this. In fact, I would rather just be able to walk about or sit in the corner and watch these workers create walls, built in desks and shelving stations and install plumbing fixtures, and just be amazed by their abilities to do these things and to see it all take shape and form.

I'm not sure why I have this love for sawdust and fresh lumber smells but I do. I think it is linked with my appeal construction workers, carpenters and even some road workers; most likely it has something to do with the fact that just about every man in my family (dad, brothers, several uncles, and cousins) have all worked in construction and it is part of a comfort combination. In fact, if I were to see two men, one in dirty construction gear and a little sweaty looking from a hard day's work; and, a man in a suit fresh from the office, my head is more turned by the construction man than the suit. It just looks more honest and real to me.   I guess that is why when my husband comes in dirty and sweaty from working outside on the yard, or some project or sawing logs and trees (he's done a lot of that since the tornado) ...  I kinda like it ...  :)

I guess I am just a blue collar groupie!

Til later, V

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