Sunday, August 07, 2011

~ Construction ~

We had 14 small leaks in our house as a result of the April tornado.   Not the dripping kind, just the kind that left the brown circular spots of various sizes in our living, hallway and kitchen.   We had a new roof put on and scheduled with the same company for them to come in and fix our ceilings.   They have now rescheduled twice; however, this time, it was after we had spent a day and a half packing up our living, hallway and kitchen -  so freaking frustrating!  

However, my living room has never looked so roomy.   There are NO knickknacks, NO books, NO clutter anywhere.  We didn't move out the big furniture, just all the "stuff" and some of the small pieces and all of the wall art is gone.  It's like I have an empty canvas and I am actually looking forward to bringing it back in and hopefully maintaining a less cluttered look in here.    I don't know what I will do with my excess "stuff", but I'll figure it out.  

Wish I could put in hardwoods now while my house is so empty, that and new windows, then all I would have to do is add my two car garage, new laundry room, master suite and sun room.   Yeah, I think thats all ....     Wonder if I could talk Gary in to doing all that anytime soon.   LOL!

Take care y'all!

Later, V

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