Friday, September 24, 2010

~ Kind of Random ~

Sometimes when reading, you come across something that just makes you pause, think about and read it again and then maybe again.

The below excerpt is from an article in a magazine that came to our office by accident, and it gave me that moment … it may not ever make it any easier having a loved one or friend go through a hard illness, of even if I may someday have to go through a hard illness myself, but it is something, I hope I will remember always.

“…. Divine retirement. That’s how my father-in-law, Howard Martin, referred to dying. “It’s just a transition from here … to There,” he’d say. He made that transition May 11th after 4 ½ years of cancer slowing taking him away. As caregivers, Bill and I had our share of anger with God. Why would this wonderful Christian man have to suffer? Howard would say it was the closest a human could ever get to understanding what Jesus went through on Earth. …” “A Revelation on Old Hickory Lake by Christy Martin” emphasis added

The bold/italicized parts are what stuck with me.

We are doing a Beth Moore study on Revelations at Church now; and she talked a good little bit about John, the beloved disciple; and how he was the last of the disciples alive at the time and how he … (I think this is how she worded it …) had not had the opportunity to honor and glorify God through his death like so many of the other disciples had, i.e., beheaded, hung, hung upside down, etc., in other words, killed because of their beliefs and love of our Lord.

There. I will just end it here. Because these things … above … have been good for me to hear and ponder on this week. I hope they are good for you too.

After re-reading the above, it sounds like I have had death on my mind, but I haven't. I have had life on my mind.

That’s all I got.

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