Thursday, September 09, 2010

~ An excerpt from my beach read ~

I don't know why but I always enjoy reading something just a little bit smutty while I am at the beach .... ~.~ I loved my beach read this time - I thought this was an interesting comparison ... what do y'all think? '-'

"A man who makes soup for you has to be fantastic in the sack. ..."

" ... Think about it. Soup takes time. It takes patience. It takes attention to detail. A man who makes soup knows how the take his sweet time with things. He uses the right ingredients, and he whisks in the seasonings with the the right flick of the wrist. Then, and only then, he turns up the heat to finish things off. Bring matters to a simmer. And you know about good soup right, the longer it takes, the better is taste."

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews

Does your man make you soup? G makes two kinds, vegetable beef and white chili, both homemade with lots of chopping and sauteing involved ... both are awesome. Just saying.

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