Saturday, June 27, 2009

~ Random Thoughts that I post and will probably wonder why I did later, I am tired ... ~

Okay, so here I sit at midnight, waiting on a cake to cool from baking so I can cover it and go to bed and this commercial comes on offering from Time Life - Romancing the 70s, 10 cd set and the songs just kept running through my head, and filling me full of memories, I mean, Commodores: Three Times a Lady * Captain & Tennille: Love Will Keep Us Together * Elton John: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word * Tom Jones: She's a Lady * Olivia Newton-John: I Honestly Love You. Roberta Flack: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face * Jim Croce: I Got a Name * John Denver: Rocky Mountain Hight * Art Garfunkel: All I Know * Elton John: Daniel. Who of you out there don't have some awesome memories that these songs will bring back to you. I loved the 70s music. I used to sing I honestly Love You and find some silly teenage reason to cry as i sang it ... was I weird? I had to look it up. Ya know the commercial says you can preview it all for $9.95, but the costs is $149.50, just couldn't do it; evil Velda said " just spend the $9.95 download them all, and send them back"; but good Velda won out, because good Velda is also sensible Velda and I am sure something would go wrong and I would wind up with a $149.50 charge on my credit card that I would probably have to battle for months for them to remove, plus, it's just wrong ... right?

On another subject, I am really sad about Michael Jackson; I liked his music, but was never really a big fan, but he was just so HUGE, king of pop and all. He seemed to have had such a struggling life; it must truly be hard to be "normal" when you are that huge. I am sorry for his family; and his kids. They have been very protected from the limelight and the media and I can't help but wonder how much longer that protectiver barrier will hold for them.

And poor Farrah Fawcett, her struggle is over. I hope she found her peace.

And also Ed McMahon I used to dream about him handing me over an American Family Publishers Sweepstakes Million Dollar sweepstake check ...

The only good thing I can think of to end this post with is, at least - hopefully - we won't have to hear about Jon and Kate ... for a while, I truly did not know who they were until their marriage fell apart. Hope that don't sound harsh, but really, aren't y'all tired of hearing about them too?


Going Goofy said...

I love 70's music too! I bet you can find it somewhere else cheaper. I wasn't really a fan of MJ, I always wondered if he just wanted to be normal it seems he had so much baggage. It makes me feel old all this sad news this week.

I used to watch Jon and Kate but not anymore, I haven't been in charge of the remote for a while.

I missed cropping with ya'll last night

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely tired of people becoming famous for doing nothing. I hate that it's totally acceptable in today's society. And I have always loved Michael Jackson's music. When he was in the media for doing something bad, I mostly ignored it. When I listened to his music, I never thought of him as a real person with real problems. I know that sounds bad, but I tend to think of celebs that way - like they're completely fictional. I'm never going to meet them. The only time I hear about them is in the media, and it is entertaining...but I'd probably act like a freak if I ever met one. Kelsey has met a ton of them. He's going to meet the cast of Twilight soon... :)

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