Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~ A Beach Trip with a Good Friend, Ain't Life Grand! ~

This was my favorite time of day, I am sitting on the deck, with my first cup of coffee, it's early, I have the beach all to myself, well except for the guy out there fishing, but he is in such a haze, he may as well not be there ... the beach chairs are all empty waiting for the day to begin and be filled with the various beach goers, love this time of day, it is so peaceful.

We had a lot of dogging lovin' going on.
This is Sophie, my friend, Pam's, Wheaten, she was soo pretty.

And this is Jasmine, her Airedale.

We had a doggie photoshoot! I tried this shot with my dogs at home, but they would not lay still. I was glad she brought her dogs, it made me miss mine less.
We even found time to paint a little, she painted a cantaloupe, but it wasn't finished, she is going to email me a photo of it, but this was mine, which I left for her beach house, she wanted to stay and Pam wanted her too, so stay she did.

It was a fun trip. Getting together with an old friend. We went to college together, we have been friends for 30 years and we try to get together at least once a year. No photos of me and her, just didn't happen, we were too busy yapping and catching up; well, I did get a couple of her, but she would probably disown me if I posted them here, we were pretty scruffy most of the time we were down there! :)
It was good to be home, I missed my dogs ... oh and of course G too! ahem, love you honey ....


Going Goofy said...

Mornings on the beach, doggies, painting, a good friend sounds like a wonderful relaxing vacation!

Laurie said...

Cool painting! VERY nice!!!