Sunday, June 07, 2009

~ Dog Bath Day ~

Wish I had a photo of my boxer, Maggie, after her bath. I wrapped a towel around her and told her to go have Dad dry her off and she went running into the living straight to him. I swear sometimes I think they really can understand english.

Camping was great. The weather was sooo perfect. We slept with our windows open, and actually got chilly and went to the pool during the day; and just hung out and was generally lazy! I didn't over pack for the first time in a long time .... food or clothes, so unpacking when we got home was a breeze! YAY!

I had cleaned house before I left and it was almost as clean when I came home. (Stepson came by to feed dogs and stayed a while, cooked a little, wallowed around in the living, took a shower and probably stayed the night ...) but all in all it was still pretty clean; so that was good. Worth it knowing my babies were being fed and taken care of! And definitely cheaper than putting them in a kennel! Gets expensive when you have 3!

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