Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick Betta ... Well Betta!

My poor little Betta Fish who I have named Bubbles because he makes huge bubble nest all around his tank was sick with "popeye". His eye was all bulged out and his mouth was swollen! When he first started getting sick my husband told me I should just flush him and go buy another one! Obviously not a vested pet lover! I took off for the fish store and got the recommended medicine and yesterday, after 10 days of being finicky and hanging around under the fake bushes of his tank and not eating, he is better! His little tank was lined with bubbles when I got to work and he jumped up out of the water when I dangled my finger above the water when feeding him. His eye is back to normal, color looked good, and everything! Our office cleaner has given me such a hard time about the sick betta (I had ask him to give him his medication over the weekend when he comes in to clean ...) but I have a healthy fish again who seems even spunkier than before.

Am I being too silly to worry over a little betta fish? Oh well ...

Til later, V

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