Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sunday church

So, I went to church with my niece this past Sunday.


Great service. 


And, I was prophesied over, at least I think it would be considered prophesied over … here is what happened. 


It was the end of the service, the pastor was walking around the congregation ending his sermon and he had already spoken to a couple of other people there, and really, I had already seen him zeroing in on me while he was giving his sermon and when he began walking through the congregation, my seat immediately got uncomfortable, I just knew he was coming my way.  It took a couple of stops, but yes, here he came … I wish I could remember all that he said, because even though it was embarrassing to be zeroed in on while visiting your niece’s church, what he said was really quite beautiful …  it was something like …. God wants me to be restored from past hurts, he wants me to know that even though man has let me down, the He, God, will  not let  me down, He wants me to believe in Him and to give him a chance; that God loves me; and more stuff that I can’t remember. 


Okay, yes it was embarrassing, somewhat, my face burned pink some, but at the same time, it seemed sincere and I took away good things from it.


But, not a church which I would choose as my own, and that is not the reason I was there, just visiting my niece and going to church with her.

It was a good day. 


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