Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I have a problem, I have too many journals, and I don't journal ...

I obviously want to because I keep buying new journals and I must seem like a person who journals because I receive them as gifts. I love journals , I used to keep journals all the time but now the thought of taking the time to write down my thoughts on a regular basis just exhaust me.

But the lure of a new journal draws me, I see a stack of journals on sale and before I know it I am standing in front of the check out counter with my lovely newly chosen journal that I can just imagine filling full of inspiring thoughts, creative drawings and ideas and I know just where I want to keep it so it will be handy for when I have something that needs to be recorded on paper. And then a few weeks later I'll get tired of seeing it stare me down until I put it up on a shelf out of sight, so I can one fill its empty space with another newly inspiring blank book ... Which is what I did yesterday. ... It's the blue leather one with black birds on it, isn't it pretty! Maybe I'll actually write something in this one! ~.~

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