Sunday, March 06, 2011

~ Randomness ~

It's 1:45 AM, bolted awake about 45 minutes ago in the middle of a horrid dream, being attacked, nasty way to wake up.  Prayed for bit and when I couldn't go back to sleep, I got my pillow and blanket and took to the couch.   Its like a second bedroom - at least 5 out of 7 nights, I am in here at some point in the middle of the night - wide awake - for at least a couple hours or more.  Menopause?  Probably.  Especially since I recently made fun of one of my best friends when she told me her doctor told she was in it.  Actually I burst out laughing and then started singing, "your in menopause" over and over.     Well, we are 50 and its bound to happen sooner and later. 

I'm tired of the rain, well, really I'm not.  I could have stayed in my PJs all day today and watched old movies and ate junk food and been quite happy, but I'm stressing with the dogs - getting them to go outside in the rain to do their business is sooo aggravating.  I usually wind up putting on my rain boots, grabbing an umbrella and walking around in the yard with them, just so they'll leave the cover of the back door "stoop".

I got my hair cut off today and colored.  It looks much healthier.  I wanted variations of blonde with some warm caramel like colors thrown in, but I am a brunette with some auburn/caramel like colors instead.  I'm good with it though, change is nice, plus its going to fade and in a week or so, and it will probably look like what I had in mind anyway.

I was standing in line at Walmart behind 3 young men last night.  They were all buying huge cans of some sort of power/energy drinks and large boxes of condoms - each.

There.  That is what I will leave you with.

Good night, I hope.

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