Saturday, March 26, 2011

~ Brown Sugar ~

I have read the label of brown sugar for the first time today and I feel so ignorant for not doing so before. 

I was in the middle of preparing a dish that called for brown sugar and when I took down my box from the cabinet, which admittedly had been in my cabinet for many months ... I was stumped on what to do when the contents were hard as a brick.   I sent G off to the store and while he was gone, I started to google how to soften brown sugar  - also something I had never done - when I finally decided to read the box.  Duh!!! and Double duh!!!!

Place the desired amount of hardened brown sugar in a bowl, cover this with two damp paper towels, microwave for 30 seconds and walah!  softened brown sugar.   I was amazed, shocked, and delighted!!  It worked!!!! YAY!  You can also do the same thing without the microwave part, but just leave it in the bowl overnight - however, I have not tested that method.

I now feel really stupid for all of the hardened boxes of brown sugar I have thrown away over the years.

I really do need to start reading labels more often.

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