Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ Merry Christmas ~

Why is it that Christmas can bring on such melancholy feelings. One minute, I am happy and excited about the season, the family gatherings, the beautiful gift of the Christ child and all that changed with His birth; the expectation of the small children in my life of Christmas morning and presents and all that goes with it; and then all of that can fall away in a heartbeat and I can be filled with sadness over the most diverse things, my children who love to celebrate this time of year, but don’t seem to carry the true reason in their hearts or lives, nor are they sharing it with their own children; the resumes we have received in response to an ad for a part time runner – people with college degrees are applying for this job, people who have retired but now need to supplement their income, so many people who are so over qualified for this position, out of work, needing money, wanting a job, and I wish we could employ all of them, one day that could be me – I can’t help but think. My mother’s finances without my father; the children in my life who really only recognize Christmas as a time to gather in all of the loot they can think of to ask for. Shopping – need I say more. And then there is my fish that is wobbling around in it’s tank as if its on it last fin; and I know its silly to get upset about a silly betta fish, but I just want to cry because I don’t know what to do for him.

I think I may need antidepressants. Well, no I really don't.

And then I read this ... an excerpt of something someone who passed away last week after suffering from pancreatic cancer ".... Life happens and the devil is always there to take advantage of a situation. He is there to whisper desperation and hopelessness into your life any way he can.
Realizing this I slowly stopped wallowing in self-pity and started to see the truth as I know it. God is good! He can take the most horrible, hopeless situation and make it better. He offers strength and guidance to all who seek it and as you can imagine, I did." I didn't know this person, but she touched me through her story.

Perspective. I needed this. God is good. What a gift He gave us.

Merry Christmas y’all. My wish for anyone reading this is that you can hang on to the “happy” in this time of the year. Celebrate with your family and friends and always always remember the real reason we actually celebrate this time of year. That is what I am aiming for. Sometimes, it’s too easy to forget that, or not necessarily "forget", but to lose focus, you know what I mean?

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