Tuesday, August 03, 2010

~ A short and random Photo Blog ~

I love this woman. I love her so much. Even if she does read too much when she comes to visit me. I still just absolutely adoringly love this wonderful awesome woman. My mother by the way.

This is a face only a mother could love, and that's me, I'm her mother. Sweet baby Maggie! Isn't she adorable!

And, I did a little painting for a friend ... not really happy with it, but it was fun.

And this is the 1st phase of my landscape painting class at the museum ... green blobs ... supposed to be a section of Big Spring Park as seen from the doorway of the musuem classroom .... we'll see ....


Going Goofy said...

I love the photo of your mom.

Lisa Davis said...

I created one of these blog pages long ago...I need to see if I can pick it back up.....You are just so crafty and talented.