Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~ medical update ~

I still don't have my "normal" voice back from my March 2 surgery, but I can breath so much better - yay! I went to doc this past Friday and was told my vocal chords are not closing all the way and they should. This is causing my raspy voice. He says I have a "tight" chord - probably damaged a little from the extremely harsh post surgery coughing and/or during laser surgery - he gave me some vocal exercises to do (Gary says I sound like I am trying to call a whale) and I have to go back again on 6/4. He scheduled me for surgery on 6/7 if not better. He will pump some collagen into one side of my chords so they will close properly; he will also again look at my airway and make sure every thing is healing properly and not regrowing another ledge ... BUT - if better by 6/4 - no surgery. Which is what I am hoping for! and praying for! Y'all too ... right? :)

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