Thursday, May 13, 2010

~ Camping ~

Our first camping trip of the year ... Mothers Day Weekend ... Gary gave me a new little travel camera ... these were my first photos ... (We were at Oak Mountain State Park)

This is our campsite. The two trees (same tree just two different photos) with the scrapes ... we made with our camper, trying to pull into the first site we wanted .... :) no worries, no bad damage... poor tree!

We were just a short hike from the water. There was a "swimming hole" full of laughing kids, in the photo below - top right photo - if you look real hard, you can see the kids in the water - they sounded like they were having a blast.

We went looking for a flea market on Saturday and wound up at Tannahill State Park and we rode the train ...

enjoyed a little Civil War history ...

we also ate some really good barbeque here.

Just have to throw this photo in (below) ... they were camped beside us - it's our dream camper, everything automatic, just push a button and your RV levels itself, push another button and the extender slides just automatically slide out, same for the awning * sigh * we better win the lottery soon huh!

I bought this little "forrest lady" at Tannahill, her name is Michelle - this photo does not do her justice - I just love her! (ah hem ... once a month they have a huge arts/craft weekend at Tannahill ... every 3rd weekend ... just thought I'd throw that out there ...)

And we did find a flea marker. In Bessemer - it was okay, but I probably would not go again.

It was an awesome weekend. I have a wonderful husband. He made this weekend great for me.

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