Tuesday, January 26, 2010

* Teenage sitting/house sitting *

So, my boss and his wife had the opportunity to go on a last minute trip out of the country and they asked for my help with their two teenage children, and with lots of financial incentive, I readily agreed :)

They are such busy children! Golf, basketball, basketball practice, baseball practice, guitar lessons, chemistry tudors sessions, and friends friends friends, plus squeezing in some homework and meal time - wow! It is has been a while since my kids were teens (they are now 27 and 29) and I have decided no one should have to raise teens more than once in a lifetime! They can be exhausting just trying to keep up with them! Especially since these two are so very social and involved in so much.

But, they have been great - of course the week isn't over - but so far, so good. Missing my husband and dogs though; and even though they have an absolutely fabulous mind blowing house, it still isn't home to me and as the saying goes, there is simply "no place like home."

That's all I've got!

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