Friday, January 08, 2010

~ Snow Days ~

What is about a sprinkling of white cold stuff that can make us act like kids again!

Gary wanted to hook the 4 wheeler up to the knee board and for me to pull him around on it! But being that he is 50+ and me 49 ... He opted for the little hill in our back yard instead to have his fun on. I decided just to be the photographer ... much safer, less ER visits ...

The dogs all enjoyed the Snow too, really though, I think they were just happy to see us doing something other than being couch potatoes! It was fun to get out and play, we should do it more often and probably would if it hadn't rained so much so far this fall. It was nice to walk on our yard without it being mushy to walk on, frozen ground felt pretty good after months and squishy dirt and grass.
I had to work both days of snow, but it was still fun. Hope everyone else got to enjoy the Alabama blizzard!
And on another subject ... wasn't the Bama game just awesome. I'm not a big football freak and rarely watch a whole game, but of course, this was THE GAME all faithful Alabamians had to watch and swell with pride over - Gracie Lucie you are forgiven because you are actually not from here even though we do claim you as one of us now your disloyalty was completely understandable and will be therefore be overlooked THIS TIME :) .... in case my tone doesn't come across right, this was all said in a perfect ladies southern drawl ... :-) back to the game, it was great, I was getting so upset at times, I had to leave the room because I was getting to anxious about it all, of course in the room I walked into I immediately turned that TV on to the game ... so kind of defeated the purpose. It was surprising to me at how into the game I got, I just don't do that, but wow was it a good game. Would have been fun to watch with a group ... maybe next year!
Y'all take care now, and as Trace Adkins says in his new song I heard on the radio yesterday .... Ala freaking bama *Roll Tide*

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Laurie said...

Un-huh. Well, just for the record, if Cody had not been injured and out of the game...well, lets just say the outcome would be uncertain. No, I am not southern born. But I have been an Auburn fan since 1988. So, that is close enough. This can be your year. But there is always next year...