Thursday, July 09, 2009

~ Blessings ~

Wow, isn't God wonderful! Since most of you who read this either got an email from me or is on Facebook and saw my post, so I won't reiterate what I have already said on those. I will only say that Dad is still doing well, in ICU, breathing tube out, sitting up and talking. PTL!

Of course, what is a tense and stressful situation without a little humor ... so here it is ...

I stayed the night with Mom at the hospital last night, we stayed in the ICU waiting room, which is actually pretty nice, it has recliners, big screen TVs, computers with Internet access (for email only though), a break room, nice bathroom, and showers (they provided towels, shampoo, bath jel, blow dryers), plus they give you blankets and pillows to stay they night (you actually can't bring your own, they have to be theirs because they are fire retardant), so that is all nice. For overnight you are assigned a recliner, in case they have to come get you for any reason, they will know exactly which recliner to go to.

My recliner wouldn't stay reclined, but oh well, at least it wasn't a straight back uncomfortable chair. The unfortunate and embarrassing part of this story is that at some point I after I fell asleep, I woke myself up "breaking wind" (and unfortunate for me it was rather loud - that is probably what woke me up... ) in a room full of people ... and yes, I heard snickers ... I had to fake sleep forever before I could even move! Talk about embarrassment ... Argghhh!

Oh well, we were a room full of exhausted people with loved ones in ICU, I hope it gave them something to smile about and take their minds off of their troubles even if only for a few minutes.

Thank you for for the love and prayers. Thank you God for the answered prayers!


Steph said...

I am so glad your dad's surgery went so well! That is just too funny about you though.

Going Goofy said...

I am thankful his surgery went well. You crack me up! That sounds like something I would do!