Monday, July 20, 2009

~ An afternoon spent with women ... ~

I had the absolute delight to spend Sunday afternoon sitting at my mother’s kitchen table, sipping iced tea and visiting with five women (six, if you include myself); ages ranging from 48 (me) to 80 (my mom). I can’t remember when I have so enjoyed just sitting and talking and laughing with women in such a long time. (Well there was Red Rooster weekend.) We sat there for hours and carried our conversations from our children and grandchildren, to talking about the church, to talking about our relatives, our ailments, our surgeries, our husbands, funny stories, sad stories, all old times and new. We were all laughing so much Dad’s home health nurse even came in and joined in on the fun for a while.

Of course, Dad was at the height of an almost perfect Sunday afternoon himself; he had a living room full of men; all there just to spend time with him and swap stories, some true and some untrue I’m sure …

As I sat there enjoying myself; I knew I had to leave, I still had too many things I had to accomplish before the day was over; but hating to leave this group of awesome women and ending this “moment”; because it truly was a “moment” in time for me, something special and out of the ordinary for me to be able to sit there with these women, these wonderful awesome beautiful amazing strong courageous funny witty intelligent fabulous spiritual and loving women; I wanted to suspend time and make it go on just a while longer, I hadn’t absorbed enough of them.

Sadly, our time was over, but it was a truly wonderful afternoon; one that I am still hugging to myself today.

I hope you all have these experiences too. I, obviously, don't have enough of them.

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Going Goofy said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun!