Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~ Ode to Bubbles the Fish ~

Had a sad dead fish waiting for me when I came into the office this morning ...

Ode to Bubbles the Fish

Bred in captivity
Housed in a small plastic bowl
Taken from your slave-like quarters
Given a home with rocks and plants
Offered your companionship to an otherwise dull and stressed office
Nursed when sick and recovered
Produced bubble nests like a most magnificent Betta Male
Any female Betta would have been proud to leave her eggs in your care
Disaster in the form of an earthquake of rocks falling on your head by a careless owner
Life ended too soon
Forgive me for my haste in movement causing your fatal injury
Farewell sweet bubbles

1 comment:

Going Goofy said...

I am so sorry!