Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Buyers Remorse ...

So, I had decided I needed a new camera and after research, I had made the decision I wanted the Nikon D60 and I knew there would be specials offered during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Sure enough, Circuit City did not let me down. They had a great offer going, so off we went - just to look this time - just to play with the store model and to think about it again ... best laid plans and all of that! How did I wind up coming home with a Sony a350 plus the 75-300 mm zoom lens? I kept it in the bag and untouched until tonight (Wed) just letting it sit there and fester ... I could have taken it back, but I thought what the heck, I needed a new camera, I have now read the reviews for this camera; something I should have done prior to what I consider a major purchase ... but the reviews were good. So, I guess it's a keeper. So, why am I still feeling the buyers remorse??????

Speaking of major purchases, my husband finally let go of his Mitsubishi Eclipse and traded it in for a mid-size SUV - it looks and drives great. I always teased him that the Eclipse was his mid-life crises, however, he has finally gotten tired of having to hoist himself out of that low sitting vehicle and is now going to be sporting around in his new SUV. As far as mid-life crises goes, I did not mind the Eclipse at all, better a car than a woman ...

Hopefully, I will have some snappy shots to post from my new camera soon.

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Going Goofy said...

V, Yeah for the new camera and the hubby's new vehicle. I have camera envy!

I understand the buyers remorse though, I've been there a few times myself.

I say open her up and give her a name and start learning how she works! (Cameras are usually girls!)