Friday, June 13, 2014

High school reunions

You want your spouse with you for your reunion, but really unless your spouse is a social butterfly, or a joint alumni of the same school, it really is a tough job to be the spouse of an alumni.

I'm in Tuscaloosa for the weekend for my husband's 40th high school reunion.  I exhausted my gift of gab within the first 30 minutes. Then I sat and texted everyone I knew that I felt like I had a legitimate reason to text, then surfed Facebook, then read some of my book on my kindle app, then attempted more small talk in a room of strangers, then socially exhausted I finally threw in the towel, got the car keys told Gary to stay as long as he wanted and went to car and am listening  to my book. Perfectly content to do this. 

 Am I weird?  I just could not think of another thing to say to random strangers and Gary was enjoying catching up with his old (mostly guy) friends.  I was a duck out of water.

I bet he does better than I, come September, when I drag him to Cullman for my 35th high school reunion.  

40 years ... 35 years ...  Man we are getting old!

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