Saturday, October 12, 2013

I got snubbed ...

So, I went into Chicos, not a store I usually shop at, actually never shopped at, it must have showed.  I went in with a friend who needed to return something.   I apparently had that "thrift store shopper" look - which by the way I am and quite proud of it - so the clerks didn't pay me much attention.  I wandered through the store while my friend was doing her business and actually found a couple of things I wanted to purchase (on sale plus an extra 40% off) and took it up to the counter, where a clerk was standing. I placed my items on counter and waited.  Finally she looked at me and then looked away and called out to someone else to come up front .. Must not be her job to run cash register even though her hands were in one ... So this other clerk comes up and goes behind counter, I move over in front of her push my items over to her register and she looks up but at another young lady who has come up behind me ... She lights up like a Christmas tree and goes into hellos -by the way no they don't know each other- and how can I help you ... the young lady goes into what she is looking for ... Whatever .. And the clerk actually walks out from behind  the counter and leaves me standing there with my purchases on counter, wallet in hand and mouth open and facial expression showing "what the ....", to help this new person.

Now let me describe the new person.  She was beautiful.  Tall, beautiful long glossy brown hair, dressed like a Chico advertisement, boots, short classy shorts, cute blousy top with a fur scarf (identical to one in their store). She was gorgeous and looked ... We'll expensively put together.  All the total opposite of me.

Another very nice clerk (Dawn) noticed and came right over and took care of me, she saw what happened and kind of went out of her way to be extra nice.

But, I walked away with that feeling of, well, what's the words ... Just not quite feeling good enough.  Old drabby frumpy dumpy etc etc etc. 

Then I just got aggravated at myself for letting letting a silly clerk get to me that way.

Chicos must work on commission.  

Wish I could do the Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman thing to her ...

Gotta go now, I'm sure there's a thrift store out there calling my name!  And their clerks will treat me right!

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